Inspiring creators to ‘See Beyond.’

ROLE: Assoc. Product Design Director; Art Director
DATE: November 2016


Canon makes some of the most powerful and versatile lenses in the market, but often amateur photographers don’t know exactly what each lens can do. In fact, typically a photo will inspire the photographer to discover exactly how that shot was achieved. Stemming from this insight, we imagined an immersive 360º experience where photographers could explore a variety of unique shots achieved by simply moving around the same location and changing the lens. But how could we achieve this as a mobile-first, responsive web experience?

Canon Lenses Design ImageCanon Lenses Design Image

Crafting a 360º Experience

What better way to inspire new photographers with the possibilities our lenses offer than by allowing them to discover a beautiful location through various Canon lenses? We created a multi-device 360º web experience, shot over a span of two days in one gorgeous location: Lake Tahoe. We used an open-source JS library and optimized full-screen photography to ensure our beautiful shots would delight on any device. Special attention was given to our user's journey to ensure easy wayfinding and an intuitive user interface.


Since the launch of our interactive experience, the Canon e-commerce website has seen over 7,000 daily conversions as a result of our work. On social, carousel ads and posts created with the content captured for this experience had great engagement and a positive response from Canon photographers and potential new customers.