Toyota’s journey through America.

Client: Toyota
Role: Lead Product Designer; Digital Art Director
Date: Oct 2016


When most Americans think of Toyota, they picture a distant Japanese carmaker. In reality, Toyota has been operating in the U.S. for over 58 years. We needed to shift this perception, and at the same time, give Toyota a way to tell their America story online.


Driven by Data

Through user research and business analysis, the team entirely reimagined the operations map to a user-centric solution that visualizes 6,358 key company data points with a mix of storytelling, compelling infographics, and video. Due to the changing nature of real-time data, our Experience Design and Technology teams worked in collaboration to build a platform that allowed the client to seamlessly update the data-heavy content year over year.

A Win-Win for Toyota

We constructed this experience to streamline costly client pain points: aggregating yearly data and reducing the cost of yearly print production of brochures. Instead, we designed a single destination with the latest data told in an impactful way for dealers, consumers, employees, and local communities/governments.

Toyota Design ImageToyota Design Image